C2-S | technické parametry

description: LED spotlight for installation in display cases,
360° rotatable, 180° swivelling,
with screw base or magnetic base
housing colour: aluminum anodised black, silver, gold
(other surface finishing on request)
optics: single lens: 14°, 25°, 60°, 40°+ 15°
triple lens: 18°, 25°, 32°, 67°
light colour (+/- 100K): ~2,700 K, ~3,000 K, ~3,500 K, ~4,000 K, ~5,700 K
high power LED, high CRI: DIN EN 55015:2013, lifetime 50,000 hours | basis of lifetime L80B10
max. luminous flux
(~3,000 K | standard lens 25°):
single lens: ~260 lm at ~4.5 W (58 lm/W)
triple lens: ~310 lm at ~4.5 W (69 lm/W)
power input: single lens: constant current up to max. 1200 mA
triple lens: constant current up to max. 470 mA
allowed LED driver: LED driver for the Micro Jolly, Mini Jolly, Maxi Jolly by TCI
with constant current
(other LED driver on request)
dimming: external via potentiometer (incl.)
protection class: IP 20, protection class III, CE
optional accessory: honeycomb grid, anti-glare tube, inclined tube, light diffusion foil, barn door
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