LED Lighting Systems for Showcase Lighting

For the aesthetic and professional lighting of exhibits in showcases, our products offer an extensive portfolio of first-class miniature LED lightings for background and accent lighting.

All C1 and C2 series spotlights are equipped with a highly efficient high power LED of the latest generation. The typical colour rendering index (CRI) RA is 97, with R9 and R12 values above 90. The light bars R1 and R-SL-16 series are equipped with high CRI 97 LED strip. With 240 LEDs/m makes the LED strip divisible every 25cm.

The conservation of valuable art artefacts is our highest priority. Spotlights and light bars have a low light damage potential and are regularly tested and certified by independent institutes.

In addition, we offer a wide range of accessories such as anti-glare protection attachments, lenses, edge filters, microstructure, colour or light diffusion foils. We also manufacture special solutions for historical show cases on request.