UT-14 linear system // Technical Data

The miniature profile UT-14 with a width of only 16.8mm and a height of 14mm enables LED strips and magnetic tracks to be integrated in one profile at the same time. With this combination of linear light and track spotlight, the benefits of both - basic and accent lighting - can be applied in one system.
When the profile is suspended, the magnetic track is additionally stabilized and it can be used over longer distances. Another advantage is the positioning of the magnetic track on two levels. All track spotlights with a width of up to 13 mm can be positioned on the inner level and thus recede optically into the background.

In addition to the compact and aesthetic appearance, the design paid attention to a high degree of flexibility, function and expandability of the profile system.



UT-14 system components

1. profile
  • aluminum anodised matte in black, silver 
  • max. profile length 2,000mm, 
    extension with profile connectors possible
2. magnetic track
  • low voltage magnetic track
  • in silver matte, champagne matte, black matte, gold matte
  • power input: 12V DC constant voltage
3. track spotlight
  • C1-micro-LC, C1-mini-HC, C1-mini-HC-VL, C1-mini-HLC,
    C1-mini-LC, C1-mini-LC-VL, C1-mini-UHC, C1-STS, C1-USTS
  • C1-mini-C, C2-C, C2-STS (top level only)
4. LED strip
  • 240 LEDs/m (smallest separable unit 25mm)
  • light colour (+/- 100 K): ~2,700 K, ~3,000 K, ~4,000 K, 
    Tunable White ~2,700 K - 6,500 K
  • mid power LED, high CRI >97, DIN EN 55015:2013, 
    lifetime 50,000 hours | basis of lifetime L80B10
  • power input: 24V DC constant voltage
5. profile cover | linear lens
  • aluminum anodised matte in black, silver
  • flat satin linear lens with ~70° beam angle
6. end cap
aluminum anodised matte in black, silver


  • standard length profile 2,000mm (other lengths on request)
  • steel cable suspension at 2 points
  • holder made of stainless steel incl. steel cable and 
    stabilizing tube (height 152mm, Ø 10mm)
  • canopy on request
protection class  IP 20, protection class III, CE
allowed LED supply
  • use with LED strips: power supply of PWM series by MeanWell with constant voltage 24V DC, class 2
  • use with magnetic track: power supply for LPF, LPV, NPF, APV series by MeanWell with constant voltage 12V DC, class 2
    (other power supplies on request)
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