C1-mini-LC-VL // Technical Data

description: LED spotlight for installation on magnetic track
360° rotatable, 135° swivelled
housing colour: aluminium anodised black, silver, gold (other surface finishing on request)
LED-type: high power LED, high CRI 
lifetime: 50,000 hours
basis of lifetime: L70B10
compliant to EMC: DIN EN 55015:2013
light colour (+/- 100K): ~2,700K, ~3,000K, ~4,000K, ~5,700K
max. luminous flux: ~50lm
max. power consumption: ~1W
LED driver: internal
power input: 12V DC constant voltage
dimming: external
protection class: IP 20, UL Listed No. E506729 - low voltage LED luminaire
allowed power supplies:
  • power supply for the PWM by MeanWell
    with constant voltage 9 - 12V DC, class 2
  • power supply for the LPF, LPV, NPF or APV by MeanWell
    with constant voltage 12V DC, class 2
    in combination with a feno dimmer

    (other power supplies on request)
accessory: magnetic track (11 x 7 mm), holders
additional accessory:
  • lenses: 15°, 18°, 26°, 30°, 45°, 80° und 47°+ 25°, 40°+ 10°
  • honeycomb grid, anti-glare tube, inclined tube, snoot, light diffusion foil, barn door