Lighting Systems for Museums, Architects and Planner

corporate friends® develops custom-made LED-lamps and complex lighting systems for museums, architecture and designer especially in the area of showcase lighting. Besides the classical lamp- and product design we develop and produce a series of lamps and lighting systems, lighting control and lighting management. Furthermore, we offer lighting design, construction of models and prototypes, consulting, workshops and seminars.

LED-Table Lamp // pick

»pick« is a minimalist table lamp. It shows a creative clou: both arms are connected by a magnetic joint. Therefore the lamp, which has a thickness of only 10mm, can be turned 360° and swung 180°...

LED-Spotlight // C1-mini-S

C1-mini-S as a single spotlight with magnetic or screwbase is the smallest spotlight of the product series C1. It's head has a diameter of only 14mm and a length of 18mm...

LED-Spotlight // C1-mini-LC

C1-mini-LC for a magnetic bar measures only 23x37x22mm (WxHxD). It's head has a diameter of only 14mm. It can be turned by 360°, swung by 90° and can be positioned freely and as often as you want on the track...

great power in minimalist body

LED-Spotlight // C1-S

C1-S as a single spotlight is very flexible because of it's magnetic joint and it's magnetic base. Especially recommended, when you need free positioning and quick lighting of exhibits in a showcase...

LED-Spotlight // C1-STS

C1-STS is the bigger brother of the C1-mini-LC spotlight. It has a high power LED, which can be dimmed. With ~1.9W power it reaches ~110lm…

LED-Light bar // R1T

R1T is a LED-miniature light bar for table showcases. It is recommended for discreet and cautious lighting of exhibits inside a showcase. The light bar has a thickness of only 10mm and can be turned 360°...

esthetical design meets high product quality

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